Our Values

At AudienceScience, our values define everything we do: how we build technology, how we support our clients and how we work with one another. We think these values are the key to building a great enterprise marketing technology company. We hope you agree. 


We are accountable to ourselves and to each other. Our clients trust us to deliver results and we don’t let them down. We set goals, take ownership and use best practices that ensure quality delivery every time.


We have a passion for life and work. This comes through in our steadfast belief that there is a better way for companies to use technology. We have high expectations and we put our best into everything we do. If we believe there is a better way to do something, we make it happen.


We ask questions. We are dedicated to learning more than we know today about clients, about technology and about the world around us. What we learn keeps us humble and drives us to be better every day.


We like ideas that radically improve the way things work. We are driven to create quantum leaps in performance for our clients. We believe innovation comes at the nexus of science and art and that everyone at our company is part of research and development.


AudienceScience is a global organization. This drives every action and decision we make. We offer excellence in technology and service worldwide. We respect diverse markets and cultures. We create robust solutions for the biggest companies on the planet. 


We think big. We speak up. We embrace change. We do the right thing even if it is the hard thing. We find simplicity in non-intuitive solutions. Being bold is as much a state of mind as a set of actions. We embrace both.

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