Streamline digital advertising

AudienceScience Gateway is more than just the sum of its parts.

Individual solutions for data management and digital media execution can sound great on paper. But complex integrations and divergent product roadmaps mean that, in reality, they can’t deliver long term. AudienceScience Gateway empowers you to manage data, execute media buys and uncover insights in one cohesive system, putting you in total control.

“Marketers spend up to 80% above what they should be spending to reach their goals.”
— Basem Nayfeh, Chief Technology Officer at AudienceScience

Integrated technology makes efficient and effective advertising simple

  • More reliable, accurate targeted advertising —  With all data in one system, nothing gets lost in translation. You control every dollar spent.

  • True frequency management — Effective frequency management requires the ability to manage all your buys in one system. With AudienceScience, you can reach audiences with the optimal frequency across RTB exchanges, private exchanges and direct premium publisher buys.

  • Safer data — Moving data between systems creates unnecessary security risks. Keep your data safe with one system that allows you to control audience data from point of creation to ad execution.

  • Closed-loop optimization — Optimize data, not just media. One system builds smarter, more granular segments to drive better media performance.

  • One system to learn — One integrated system means just one set of tools to learn across the globe. Experience global governance through consistent reporting and functionality.

  • Simple flat fee — One flat technology fee means AudienceScience Gateway works to maximize your ROI, not our revenues.


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