Advertiser-Owned Advertising Automation System.


Audience data can be a great asset, but it’s worthless if you can’t put it to work. AudienceScience gives you ownership and control:

  • Infrastructure that manages data on over 3.5 billion web browsers globally
  • Fully-customizable segmentation
  • One place for all your audience data

With one integrated system, you don’t have to worry about complicated technical integrations or expensive usage fees. Whether it’s your own data, partner data or third-party data, AudienceScience® Helios makes it actionable around the globe, simply.

Pure integration of media operations (DSP) and data management (DMP) into a single, centralized system for real-time actionability and accountability.

  • AUDIENCESCIENCE_2016_DATAMEDIANative DSP & DMP Integration. No other system offers the same depth of targeting and insight with no data loss or latency – when a customer behavior is observed in the DMP, it’s available in the DSP within 10 seconds.
  • Complete Data Management. Advertiser, partners, and 3rd party, including unstructured data.
  • Logically Separated Advertiser-Specific Data Warehouses with no “leakage,” full advertiser ownership.
  • Easy to Implement. Full segment-creation flexibility and a single, easy to implement JavaScript tag.
  • Real-Time Data Availability for targeting &optimization with native DSP.
  • True Analytics & Data Mining. Mineable cluster with unified audience and media data for most customizable analytics.
  • Premium inventory access. Groundbreaking feature manages direct, premium publisher buys.
  • Universal frequency capping and targeting across exchange, private exchange, and direct buys.
  • Industry Leading Bot & Fraud Detection. Eliminates 30%-40% of impression volume daily, maximizing efficiency.


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