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You deserve to know everything about your audience and your campaigns, and be able to use that knowledge to improve ROI. That’s why AudienceScience gives you full access to every data point across every customer and every ad impression.

  • Full accountability—Other ad technologies optimize your campaigns to maximize their own revenue, not your ROI. AudienceScience is built differently – you know exactly where your budget is going and why.
  • More granular reporting—We look beyond the segment to understand exactly what individual data elements drive performance. With one closed-loop system, you can better streamline segments, cut poorly performing data sources and improve performance in real time.
  • Closed-loop optimization—Conventional ad technology can use segmentation to optimize media but can’t close the loop and optimize segments based on media performance. With AudienceScience, your customized segments get smarter with every impression and every campaign, giving you the control to optimize your marketing in real time.

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