Owning your data and media operations at a brand level can put you at a significant strategic advantage.

The world’s largest global brands use enterprise advertising management systems to take back control of their digital outcomes and avoid these four pitfalls of trading desks and black box buying technologies:

  • Lack of transparency in media spend, audience targeting and ad placement
  • Competing for impressions and having your data leveraged for other brands
  • Mark ups, rebates and incentives in the interest of the agency or vendor, not the brand
  • Paying for media planning and then paying again for buying

A simplified solution for multi-vendor overlap and a transparent alternative to trading desks and black box technologies, AudienceScience Gateway is the first integrated data, media and campaign management SaaS solution built for the advertiser.

Providing complete transparency and control from a scalable and easy-to-use in-house system, AudienceScience Gateway enables brands to:



Seamlessly manage and optimize audience data


Connect their data with more relevant and transparent media


Deliver targeted and intelligent ads across display, video, TV and mobile


Gain actionable insights and true attribution



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