February 21, 2011 AudienceScience

AudienceScience Connect Aiming To Bring Efficiency To The Premium Sales Layer

How time consuming is it to send an I/O by fax? And why the hell am I spending a whole week smashing the phones to close a paltry five grand deal? Work flow is still a major pain in the neck for both publisher and agency. Despite all the innovation on the non-guaranteed side, premium sales still lacks real efficiency. And what about pricing? How can a publisher build in their agency trading agreements into premium inventory prices? And what about targeting? There’s clearly still quite a lot to do for the premium layer. AudienceScience is one of many ad tech vendors looking to address these problems. ExchangeWire recently spoke to Stuart Colman about the new Connect platform to get some insight into how it’s enabling publishers to manage and sell their premium inventory – and what all this means for media buyers.

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