March 28, 2017 AudienceScience

AudienceScience Partners With Grapeshot For Global Contextual Targeting

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Mar 28, 2017) – AudienceScience, the programmatic technology that helps advertisers and agencies make the most of their digital ad spend, has partnered with Grapeshot, a global technology company providing tools to navigate advertising and marketing choice, to offer enhanced contextual targeting support at global scale. As a result, advertisers and agencies using the AudienceScience platform can now target web pages and mobile applications in 30 languages based upon the contextual relevancy of a page or app to their brand.

“As media consumption fragments, advertisers are looking for as many signals as possible to help them deliver their messages to their desired audience,” said Tim Barnes, chief product officer at AudienceScience. “While many advertisers are making use of behavioral signals, as well as their own first-party data, contextual targeting is another powerful tool that can help them match their ads to the best consumers. Grapeshot’s segments will be instrumental in helping advertisers leverage this capability with both scale and precision.”

AudienceScience has previously offered contextual targeting capabilities with English language support, using the content of a page or mobile application to decide which ad impressions to purchase. Thanks to Grapeshot’s industry-leading contextual targeting data set, AudienceScience customers can now increase the reach and relevancy of their campaigns by delivering ads to consumers in contextually relevant environments around the world. Additionally, advertisers may apply pre-bid contextual targeting classifications across IAB content categories and analyze the performance of their campaigns by targeted contextual categories.

“As an advertising automation leader, AudienceScience delivers precision targeting at scale, across all international markets,” said Ryan McBride, VP, Platform Partnerships. “Grapeshot will help AudienceScience provide best in class contextual relevancy and brand safety across all of their clients’ global digital marketing initiatives.”

In addition to contextual targeting capabilities, Grapeshot also provides AudienceScience customers with brand protection tools, allowing advertisers to blacklist specific keywords and proactively filter out negative keywords associated with a brand.

About AudienceScience:
AudienceScience equips global marketers and agencies with the world’s most powerful programmatic technology to make the most of their digital ad spend. Our platform is trusted by the world’s largest agencies and brand advertisers as the easiest way to deliver the most effective programmatic media buying, made easy at scale.

We are a team of brand, data, and programmatic experts who have spent years on R&D to develop the most effective digital advertising solution. We build the data, planning, execution and analytics tools agencies and their brand-focused clients need to reach their intended audience cross-channels at global scale.

AudienceScience is a software and services company that works with global agencies and brand marketers operating in over 50 countries, including mainland China. AudienceScience is a global organization with offices across the United States, Europe and Asia.

About Grapeshot
Grapeshot is a global privately-owned technology company that deploys machine learning to unlock the value from data.

Using a page crawling algorithm, Grapeshot profiles data on behalf of marketers and developers, as well as agencies and publishers. The core WordRank technology offers a fully customizable, transparent and scalable solution, giving clients simple, integrated control.

A first-class solution that operates at scale, processing large amounts of data efficiently. Grapeshot receives requests for 7T classifications per month, 3.5m QPS, recognizing 100+ languages and deploying segments in 30+.

Grapeshot is integrated with all major programmatic trading marketplaces including AppNexus, MediaMath, Turn, The Trade Desk, AdForm, iPinYou and AOL. The core technology is also available through an API.

Grapeshot has offices located in Cambridge, London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney.

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