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AudienceScience Gateway

Advertiser-Owned Enterprise Advertising Management System

Manage all of your data and digital media in one advertiser-owned SaaS based system with complete control, transparency and efficiency across your entire ad spend. The AudienceScience® Helios technology combines control and ownership of data with 100% media spend transparency. This enables advertisers to store and analyze BIG data, build proprietary audiences, target those audiences across display, video and mobile—in real time—and all within a single, fluid system. Advertisers can now fully and seamlessly manage both their data and buying in one system, enabling safe and effective targeted advertising.

With AudienceScience® Helios, Advertisers own their data, own their customers and own their outcomes.

Audience and
Data Management

Own your data and consumer relationships. Build proprietary audience data assets with online & offline data.

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Media Buying
and Optimization

Own the execution and the outcomes. Control every digital ad impression globally in real-time.

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Audience and
Campaign Insights

Own the insights and opportunities. Get unparalleled visibility into your audience and ad spend/ROI, enabling you to make data more actionable.

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Global Professional

It’s your world… we’ll help you manage it anywhere. Get strategy and support from eight offices in seven countries on three continents.

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We’re the first global player to put marketing science on the side of the advertiser.


A Manifesto for Change

A manifesto for advertisers who want to take charge of their digital advertising.

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AudienceScience shows most January 2014 YOY digital growth with +672%

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