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We are data and programmatic media pioneers who have invented and deployed many of the foundational technologies used across the industry. Holders of 31 patents, our innovative approach to customer-centric advertising automation has led to a number of industry firsts throughout our history.

In 2003, AudienceScience released the industry’s first behavioral targeting product, helping leading publishers across the US and Europe better understand and monetize their audiences. We followed this with the introduction of our DMP solution for advertisers in 2008, empowering advertisers to buy digital media against their own customer data for the first time.Well in advance of current trends, AudienceScience launched the industry’s first header bidding solution in 2010. This innovation is quickly followed by the launch of our revolutionary integrated DMP-DSP, which would become the foundation of our current platform.

With the success of our integrated DMP-DSP, AudienceScience expanded globally in order to better serve our clients. By investing in local technology infrastructure, media, and data partnerships, AudienceScience became the first global programmatic buying solution in mainland China in 2015.

It is the forward-thinking approach to advertising technology that has lead us to the present day. Today, AudienceScience is the leading global cross-channel buy-side platform for agencies and advertisers.

For more information on AudienceScience’s long history of innovation, please see our patents.