Simplicity, Effectiveness & Accountability at Scale.

You spend millions of dollars on digital media, and it’s become a complex, opaque part of your business.  But it doesn’t have to be. AudienceScience gives advertisers complete control of their audience data and digital ad spend through a fully transparent, closed-loop advertiser-owned system. We dramatically streamline the digital marketing value chain, saving advertisers millions in fees and margins.

With a single system based on a fixed flat fee, clients can fully manage both their data and buying, enabling safe and effective targeted advertising across premium, real-time and other AudienceScience_Helios_Fullinventory options.

Save money with the right incentives.

Our incentives are aligned to your business. The more you spend through our system, the more you save. We don’t take a percentage of sales and we don’t arbitrage.

Use one full-funnel technology.

Ask why the largest advertiser in the world uses AudienceScience as their global solution and you’ll find it’s because we streamline the entire digital advertising funnel for them in one system. You’ll enjoy the same benefits of brand buying, performance buying, audience management and transparent insight that come only with an integrated enterprise technology.

Manage secure audience data in one place.

Keep all of your data in one closed-loop system with your media buying so that no privacy or data leakage ever occur. Enjoy the benefits of full-funnel audience insight. With AudienceScience, your data never leaves the system and you never sign away your rights to data ownership.

Enjoy transparent media buying at scale.

It’s your money, so you should know how it’s spent, where your campaigns are running, where they are working and even where they aren’t.

We can handle all of your digital media buying–from premium partners to reach-based programmatic buying–around the globe. Whether we do the work for you or you or a partner manages the campaigns, never worry about a black box managing your money again.

Streamline your supply chain.

In most other areas of marketing (such as email, CRM or your website), you’ve picked a vendor (or two) and created a close partnership. The same is now possible with digital media buying.

Too many vendors create a lot of waste as they employ all sorts of tactics to bid against one another and take credit for online behavior that they didn’t cause. AudienceScience is enterprise technology that gives you the benefits of integrated capabilities with less waste.

Significantly increase ROI as a result.

You’ll see how much more value you can get from your digital media budget when you have a transparent, closed-loop system aligned to your needs. Once you eliminate waste, your additional budget can go towards real ads seen by real people. Imagine the performance improvements.


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